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Guinea Pig Cage Essentials: Complete Setup Guide

Discover the key essentials for the perfect guinea pig habitat with our comprehensive setup guide. Learn how to creat...
Image of GuineaDad Piggy Condo C&C Cage with other guinea pig products from GuineaDad for blog covering Guinea Pig Cage Essentials: Complete Setup Guide. Featuring GuineaDad Liners, Hay Box, Hay Bar, Organic Herbal Treats, Pea Flakes, Toys and more!


Welcome to the wonderful world of guinea pig parenting! Just like choosing the perfect cozy abode for ourselves, setting up the ideal home for our furry friends is a journey filled with love, care, and a bit of creativity.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the essentials of guinea pig cage setup – a critical element in ensuring the happiness and health of your guinea pigs.

Whether you're a seasoned guinea pig enthusiast or a new guardian embarking on this exciting journey, our insights into cage essentials will equip you with the knowledge to create a safe, comfortable, and stimulating environment for your adorable companions. 

(Note: This post was originally published on 7/18/2023 and has been completely updated and revised for accuracy and comprehensiveness as of 1/16/2024.)

Choosing the Right Cage

Cage Size

Selecting the right cage size is vital for your guinea pigs' well-being. Experts like the Humane Society suggest at least 10.5 square feet for one to two guinea pigs for optimal health and happiness.

When considering options, customizable cages such as C&C models offer great flexibility. For instance, in our own range, we've seen the GuineaDad Piggy Condo, a type of C&C cage, become a favorite for its adaptability. Measured in grids (2x4, 2x5, etc.), these cages allow for easy expansion, catering to your pets' need for space as your guinea pig family grows.

Cage Design: 1-Story or Multi-Story?

When selecting a cage for your guinea pig, a key factor to consider is whether to opt for a multi-story setup, or a simpler single-story cage. Multi-level cages offer added excitement and exercise opportunities for many guinea pigs.

However, for older guinea pigs, particularly those aged 4 years and above, we recommend a single-story cage. As guinea pigs age, their joints tend to weaken, making it safer and more comfortable to have a single-level living space.

Another aspect to consider is elevating the cage to create storage space underneath. This is convenient for storing essentials like food, treats, and bedding materials.

An elevated cage also facilitates easier cleaning, as it eliminates the need to crouch down. This decision, however, depends largely on personal preference. It's important to note a potential drawback of an elevated cage if you're planning to allow your guinea pig free-roaming time.

At GuineaDad office, our cage is placed directly on the carpeted floor with one grid always open, as showcased on our Instagram page. This arrangement allows Mi and Ru, who are relatively young, to freely move in and out to a carpeted area. We also have a 2x1 balcony, which caters to their youthful energy and mobility.

Bedding Essentials

Selecting the right bedding is crucial for guinea pigs, as inappropriate or poorly maintained bedding can lead to various health issues. Popular bedding options include wood shavings, wood pellets, paper bedding, fleece pads/bathmats, and multi-layered fleece liners.

For deep dives into each types of bedding, please refer to this blog post.

GuineaDad’s Premium Fleece Liner distinguishes itself in the world of guinea pig bedding with its patented 5-layer design and AirCell™ technology, ensuring unmatched plush comfort.

This design is not only innovative but also prioritizes the health of your pets with its antibacterial fibers, which aid in odor control and hygiene. The quick-drying and leak-proof qualities of the liner, coupled with its superior materials, affirm its status as a top-tier choice for guinea pig care.

The experience provided by GuineaDad’s Premium Liners transcends basic comfort. They offer a luxurious, cloud-like ambiance that significantly enhances the well-being and happiness of guinea pigs.

The thoughtfully included pocket design serves as a snug hideaway for your pets, creating a safe space for relaxation, napping, or moments of anxiety relief.

Feeding and Watering Solutions

Water Bottle vs. Bowl

The choice between a water bottle and a bowl for your guinea pigs can depend on your preference and what they are accustomed to. At GuineaDad, we prefer water bottles for several reasons.

Guinea pigs often flip bowls, leading to messes, and bowls can easily become contaminated. The playful nature of guinea pigs means they can kick up hay and other debris, which might pollute the water in a bowl.

Choosing the Right Food Bowl

Selecting the right food bowl for your guinea pigs is a matter of personal preference. It’s important to ensure that the bowl is not too tall, allowing easy access for your guinea pigs to reach their pellets or snacks.

You can choose from a variety of materials such as ceramic, metal, or plastic, as each type has its own benefits.

guinea pig C&C cage with Pocket liner, crunchy condo, and eating a bowl of food

Nutritional Needs: The Crucial Role of High-Quality Hay

Importance of High-Quality Hay

High-quality hay is essential in a guinea pig's diet, playing a key role in their digestive health. It's important to provide constant access to fresh, clean hay, which is a fundamental part of promoting their overall well-being.

For those with hay allergies, it might not be the hay itself but the dust or Timothy hay causing reactions. GuineaDad's Hay Bar and Hay Box come with a triple-filtering process to minimize airborne dust and debris, helping many customers alleviate their allergy issues.

Allergy-Friendly Alternatives: Timothy and Orchard Hay

If allergies persist, you might be allergic to Timothy hay. In such cases, orchard hay can be a great alternative. Nutritionally almost identical to Timothy hay, orchard hay is sometimes preferred by guinea pigs.

Some guinea pigs even enjoy having both types of hay. Whether it’s Timothy or orchard hay, ensuring the quality and cleanliness of the hay is paramount for your guinea pigs' health.

Guinea pig eating timothy hay and timothy hay in ideal cage set up

Comfort and Safety: Understanding and Catering to Guinea Pig Instincts

Guinea pigs, being natural prey animals, have a strong instinct to hide and can easily feel scared. Providing a hideaway is crucial for their mental health, which directly impacts their physical well-being.

Recognizing this, GuineaDad Liners offer a patented pocket design at no extra cost. This feature is based on our belief that every guinea pig deserves a hiding spot and something to wrap around them for added comfort.

Additionally, as part of our commitment to creating a safe and nurturing environment, GuineaDad Liners include a cardboard hideaway where guinea pigs can have extra space to hide and feel secure. This thoughtful design not only meets their instinctual needs for concealment but also adds an extra layer of comfort to their habitat.

Additionally, GuineaDad has a range of creative hideouts to stimulate your guinea pigs’ curiosity and cater to their natural behaviors. The Wooden Castle, doubling as a chew toy, contributes to dental health.

The Piggy Play PackageTree Stump and Banana Hideys add variety and interest to the cage, encouraging exploration and play. These hideouts not only offer safe spaces for guinea pigs to retreat but also enhance their living environment, making it more engaging and enjoyable.

Cage Maintenance: Enhancing Cleanliness with  Pee Pads and Liners

Maintaining a guinea pig's habitat involves smart strategies for cleanliness. The GuineaDad Premium Pee Pads are a great tool in this regard. Washable and reusable, they offer an eco-friendly and efficient solution for managing messes.

These pads are especially useful in areas like under water bottles and high traffic areas, where they help maintain the liner in the best condition, thanks to their active drying AirCell technology.

Using the 2x2 sized GuineaDad Premium Liner under areas like the Hay Box or Hay Bar, which we often refer to as "kitchen area", makes the cleaning more of a breeze. Based on my experience 2x2 size is ideal for capturing stray hay, further easing maintenance efforts.

By strategically placing pee pads and 2x2s in key areas, you'll not only keep the cage tidy but also ensure a more pleasant living environment for both your guinea pigs and your home.

Dietary Supplements for Optimal Guinea Pig Health

A well-rounded diet is crucial for guinea pigs, and vegetables, pellets, and healthy treats are a fundamental component, packed with essential vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C.

While providing recommeded amount of pellets per day (must be portioned and limited according to instruction), supplementing their diet with vegetables and healthy treats is important.

For vegetables, please refer to our vegetable guide here.

GuineaDad offers nutritious treats like pea flakes, ideal for occasional rewards and bonding. We also provide organic herbal treats, including chamomile for calming anxious pets, rosehip rich in Vitamin C, raspberry leaf, marigold, and more. These treats not only enhance the bonding experience but also contribute to your guinea pigs' intake of vital micronutrients.

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Hi. I purchased 2 of the largest Guinea pig liners at separate times. One to use and one to wash. I only used one pad and it was the worst. Don’t get me wrong I love the pad but it was very messy with the hay, poop and urine. I spot clean cage every day but still was a mess. When I went to wash it, I shook it outside after I cleaned it but it still was very messy. I like the little pee pads. I was wondering if I could return the other pad since I never even used it? I took it out of the box that was it. I would be happy if I can switch it for smaller pee pads and the medium size.I love the quality and my boy loves to lay on the smaller pee pad. I love your products.
My boy loves the Timothy hay. I’m hesitant to purchase the bar hay. I’m afraid I won’t be able to attach it to his cage. Even though the box takes up more room, which leaves him less area to play he just loves the boxed hay. I was wondering if you could send me one Bar hay as a sample just to try. Let me know how much you will charge me for the one.
I just ordered the boxed hay but would love to try the bar hay for possible future ordering instead of boxed hay. Also my boy loves your pea flakes and Marigold. Your products are all wonderful and as the grandma & caretaker of our little Teddy, I’m so happy that I can purchase such great quality items that out little guy needs. Also the rose hips. He hated it at first but now he has been eating it so I’m happy he’s getting enough vitamin C. I also give him oranges once in a mile and some type of vitamin C cracker that he loves to. But thank you for your caring and great quality keep up the great work. My phone number is 631-786-3633. Let me know about returning switching out the large one pad and trying the bar of hay with the string so I could see if I could attach it without a problem. Can’t wait to see your new items. Thank you. Cindy


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