Guinea Pig Lifespan

How long do guinea pigs live and what is their life span and recommendation to extend their healthy life

To compare, hamsters (Dwarf) have an average lifespan of 3 years while guinea pigs have an average lifespan of 5-7 years with many living upwards into the double digits! As you can see, when looking to adopt a guinea pig  you must be in this invested in the long term commitment. 

guinea pig lifespan

There are many factors affecting a guinea pig’s lifespan ranging from its diet, health conditions, and even breed. Many of the health conditions can be treated, as long as it’s treated early such as bumblefoot or overgrown teeth. Bumblefoot can be easily prevented with the use of our GuineaDad Fleece liner. The strength of the absorption in our fleece liners prevents guinea pigs from staying in moist environments which is a common factor found in bumblefoot cases.

guinea pig live longer lives using guineadad fleece liner

(Bumblefoot is caused by when guinea pigs are housed in abrasive surface or from being on wet or dirty beddings. A simple preventive measure would be to use our GuineaDad fleece liner

To ensure that guinea pigs have the best chance of living their lives to the fullest, factors to take into consideration are a good diet, a big enough living space, daily exercise, social interactions with you and other guinea pigs, and good hygiene.

guinea pig babies

Ensuring Our Piggies Live a Happy and Full Life

Some of the basic necessities for a guinea pigs diet is to have an unlimited amount of hay, pellets that are fortified with vitamin C, and fresh vegetables daily. By providing these basic essential foods, guinea pigs are able to prevent the chance of getting contracting scurvy which is derived from the lack of vitamin C and even overgrown molars. Another basic necessity for guinea pig is to provide them with the ample space for them to thrive. Many of the cages found in pet stores don't meet the bare minimum space requirements for guinea pigs. Be prepared to buy a much bigger cage very quickly if you're opting to initially start with a store bought cage. To reiterate, guinea pigs are social creatures that require other guinea pigs within the vicinity, as stated in the humane society, guinea pigs should be kept in pairs and also have a lot of interactions with humans as well. By providing at least these, increases the chance your guinea pigs will live a fuller life.

Did You Know?

The Oldest Guinea Pig lived to 14 years and 10.5 months old was named Snowball. Snowball passed the rainbow bridge in February 1979.

Oldest guinea pig record


Guinea pigs are adorable social creatures that are sure to enlighten the lives of anyone willing to invest their time and effort into them. These animals have the misconception of being a good starter pet, which they are far from for they require a considerable amount of time and care each and every day to maintain an optimal life. So make sure you’re well aware of the commitment you’ll have to make before making a decision. If you're sure about getting a guinea pig, read our other blog posts to get tips to bonding with your guinea pigs!

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