How GuineaDad Liners Can Save You $400 A Year

How GuineaDad Liners Can Save You $400 A Year

Spending $32.50 a month on paper bedding adds up pretty quickly. Let's talk about how you can save by using GuineaDad Liners. We'll break down the costs, so you don't have to.


The Humane Society recommends a cage size of 10.5 ft2(which is a 2x4 sized cage) for 2-3 guinea pigs.


One of the more popular paper bedding options costs around $13 for a bag that expands to 3,000in³. 


Paper bedding companies recommend using around 1-3 inches of paper bedding and to switch it out every 10-14 days. If you use 2 inches of bedding to cover your 2x4 cage, you'll be using around 3,024 in³ which means you'll be using the entire bag of paper bedding within those 10-14 days. With paper bedding, you'll be spending $32.50 a month.


For a 2x4 sized GuineaDad Liner, it'll cost you about $70 and will last you as long as you take good care of it.

By switching to GuineaDad Liners you can save $400 a year.

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If you're still not convinced you can watch our animated YouTube video:

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