How Do I Keep My Guinea Pig Entertained?

How Do I Keep My Guinea Pig Entertained?

Guinea pigs are very social creatures that can become bored just like any other pet. There are many easy ways to provide them with entertainment so that they stay happy and healthy! If you only have a single guinea pig, remember to also spend lots of time with them so they don't get lonely.

Always make sure guinea pigs have a place to hide in. Guinea pigs are naturally prey animals, so their instinct is to hide. By providing them with a hidey, they'll have a place where they can go to when they want to feel safe and comfortable. You can get some paper bags, fleece pockets, or cardboard boxes and tunnels for them to hide in. They also love munching on the cardboard while hiding inside as well!


Since guinea pig teeth grow constantly(the same way our nails grow), you must always supply them with plenty of snacks to gnaw on to keep their teeth in tip-top condition. Providing them with fresh hay and pellets can help keep their teeth worn down. You can also give them hardwoods such as apple, hickory, maple or oak that have not touched chemicals. Besides wearing down their teeth, treating them with vegetables and fruits would also keep them entertained. Some fun ways to feed them would be to tie their fruits and vegetables around the cage or to hide it for them to scavenge. It keeps your piggy’s mind stimulated and teeth healthy!

Have your piggies ever started wheeking when they hear you open a bag of chips? Sounds that crinkle will pique your piggy’s interest and keeps them entertained. Some ways you can mimic this sound is by crumpling a piece of paper into a ball for them to play with or you can find toys and tunnels that were made to make these crinkly sounds. Some piggies will find this interesting, but some will most likely not even notice!

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