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Kpop groups guinea pigs would enjoy

We thought it’d be fun to discuss which Kpop groups piggies would enjoy the music of and which ones they would stan! 
kpop groups that guinea pigs would enjoy

We’ve done a post on whether guinea pigs enjoy music, and we thought it’d be fun to discuss which Kpop groups piggies would enjoy the music of and which ones they would stan! 

Just a quick disclaimer: we couldn’t name every single group here, or this post would go on forever! Your favs are just as valid as the ones we mention here. The criteria we’ve used to select groups is based on style and genres of music that the groups make that would be appealing to guinea pigs and their sensitive ears! 


Yes, one of the biggest girl groups from 4th generation Kpop has made our list! Guinea pigs have such sensitive ears that we believe that Le Sserafim’s music would be the perfect match for them. Songs like “Sour grapes” from their first mini-album, “Good Parts” and “Impurities” from their latest mini-album, ANTIFRAGILE, would be the kind of sound that piggies would enjoy! 

Overall, Le Sserafim has a laid back pop and R&B feel to most of their music, with their title tracks being a little more upbeat and faster-paced. These title tracks would still appeal to guinea pigs because they’re fun and uplifting, and the bass isn’t too heavy—this means they won’t blow out your speakers or cause any frightening vibrations. (Though you generally shouldn’t play music too loudly for your guinea pigs anyway!)


You may notice as you read that NCT Dream is here, but NCT 127 is not—this is because 127’s music tends to be noisier overall as a unit, while Dream has some more laid back music. Songs like “Rainbow,” “ANL,” and “My Youth” from their first full-length album Hot Sauce are some of their softer, relaxing songs. In particular, “ANL” has a mellow pop and R&B sound to it that guinea pigs would enjoy. “It’s Yours,” “Teddy Bear,” and “Never Goodbye” off of NCT Dream’s second album, Glitch Mode, all have quite dreamy feels to them, making them the perfect piggy songs for them to relax to. “Dear Dream” from their album We Go Up

One of their main vocalists, known as Haechan and affectionately called “FullSun” by his fans, has a sweet, higher-toned voice that would appeal to guinea pigs and make it easier for them to listen to, since they usually respond well to higher voices. Vocalist members Chenle and Renjun also have high voices that guinea pigs would enjoy. Overall, much of NCT Dream’s music and the members’ voices have a great chance of swaying the piggies and making stans out of them.


Arguably one of the biggest Kpop girl groups, Twice has made our list! This super girl group has so much music, we had trouble picking out particular songs to recommend for guinea pigs. Their recent mini-album Between 1&2 has a few songs that we think would be mellow and relaxing enough for piggies. 

Songs like “Brave,” “When We Were Kids,” and “Basics” are all some slower or more laidback bops that still have that signature bubblegum pop sound that Twice are well known for! In particular, “Basics” is a bit of a faster-paced song, but there’s no crazy bass that will startle your guinea pigs, so it works perfectly for them! 

Just a fun fact, but Twice has nine close-knit members, and we think guinea pigs would like to know that their favorite Kpop groups have lots of companions to rely on. Guinea pigs tend to live happier and longer lives when they live in groups or herds like they did in the wild.


How could we talk about Kpop without mentioning one of the biggest names in the industry? BTS has gone through quite the sound evolution throughout their long, nine-years-and-counting career. A lot of their early music leans heavy and hip-hop inspired, but their sound definitely changed up as time went on and as they became more popular!

In particular, early songs “Like” off their debut mini-album 2 Cool 4 Skool, “Coffee” off of O!RUL8,2?, “Just One Day” off of Skool Luv Affair, and “Rain” off of Dark & Wild are some of their slow-paced, pop R&B songs that guinea pigs would enjoy. The sweet voices of their vocalists, mixed with the clever, rhythmic verses from their rappers make for pleasant, relaxing songs. 

We’d mention more of their newer songs, but then this blog post would go one for miles—BTS has a lot of music! A special mention from their more recent music would be “Your eyes tell” off their Japanese album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 ~THE JOURNEY~. This song isn’t necessarily the most laid back song ever, but it really highlights the higher tones of members Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook’s voices, which guinea pigs would enjoy.


This group, also affectionately referred to as SLAYC occasionally by fans, is an up-and-coming 4th generation Kpop girl group with music that we think guinea pigs would enjoy! In fact, we’d go as far as to say that guinea pigs would enjoy the entirety of STAYC’s mini-album titled YOUNG-LUV.COM.

The vibe of the entire album leans more towards mellow pop R&B, with songs like “SAME SAME” possessing that dreamy, floaty feel that we think piggies would like. If anything, the only song on this mini-album that might not be great for guinea pigs would maybe be “RUN2U” as it features a lot of sudden loud horn-type instruments and louder percussion, as well as a bit of a heavier bass. But who knows! Maybe your piggy will like it. 


4th generation Kpop boy group ENHYPEN are constantly experimenting with new sounds and genres, despite being pretty early into their careers. That being said, we don’t think songs like “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)” would be a good song for guinea pigs as it takes inspiration from Chicago drill music and features a lot of heavy bass and loud sounds.

However, songs like “TFW (That Feeling When)” off of their MANIFESTO: DAY 1 mini-album, “Just A Little Bit” and “Polaroid Love” off their DIMENSION: ANSWER album are two softer, romantic vibe songs that guinea pigs would definitely enjoy. Voices like vocalists Heeseung and Jungwon would appeal to your piggies because of their higher tones.


This group is one that has become more popular in the past few years due to their appearance on MNET’s Road to Kingdom and its follow-up show Kingdom. They’re known for their awe-inspiring performances and their perfectly in-sync dancing.

They have lots of music with different sounds and genres from the experimenting they’ve done throughout their career, but some that stand out as songs that guinea pigs would enjoy are “Nightmares,” “Merry Bad Ending,” and “B.O.Y” from their mini-album THRILL-ING. These songs are mellow, dreamy and melodic, all qualities that guinea pigs would enjoy when listening to music of any kind!

members of bts

Which Kpop groups do you think your guinea pigs would stan?

There’s so many other groups outside of the ones that we’ve mentioned here, and there’s so much more music that we could talk about, but this post would be never-ending if we did. Perhaps we could do a part two post! But for now, these are the groups we think your guinea pigs would enjoy based on their music and the vibes of their sound.

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I can confirm that my pigs like BTS


I have been browsing your site to read more Guinea tips for our family’s new pair of pigs and, as a family of kpop Stans, this article made us giggle so much! 💜


We like BTS, Enhypen, NCT Dream, and Seventeen, and Everglow.

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