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Our favorite social media famous guinea pigs

Just like humans can garner followers for just about anything, guinea pigs can as well.
Social media famous guinea pigs

Just like humans can garner followers for just about anything, guinea pigs can as well. (And we'd like to argue that piggy influencers are better! In fact there are plenty of famous guinea pigs out there on the internet, ruling the likes of Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

Here, we’re list out a few of our favorites and the kinds of content they create!

Here are the piggy queens and kings of the internet!



They call themselves a motley crew of guinea pigs consisting of Roger, Percy Ferret, Queen Bea, and Hamish McPig. We know what you're thinking, that's a lot of piggies, and it is! And you're going to fall in love with each and every one of them. There is all kinds of content on this piggy-stagram! There's plenty of videos of them munching on their favorite fruits and vegetables, as well as cute photos of them posed outside in grassy gardens and soaking up the sun. Their account is just a pure bundle of joy, and you're going to have a hard time scrolling away!


It indeed is quite the empire these piggies have amassed! Coming in at 190K followers on Instagram, Bella, Bianca, Victoria, Frodo, Audrey, and Jean Harlow are carrying Instagram on their backs. They’re city pigs residing in the Big Apple, AKA New York! These piggies roam (mostly) free in their human’s home, popcorning and carrying their favorite veggies around with them! They’re living the life. Add this adorable, serotonin-filled account to your following list, because seeing any of their content is enough to make your entire day and put a smile on your face. 


This hairless little piggy was adopted from a pet store in Poland by his piggy parent, and at the time was suffering from pneumonia and being underweight. Despite this, he’s the sweetest guinea pig and quickly garnered lots of fans all over the world. There are tons of the cutest heart melting photos of Ludwik and his favorite foods, adorable props, with motivational messages and captions that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Our faces hurt from how hard we’re cheesing after a visit to his page!


Amassing over 150K followers is this piggy trio from the Netherlands! This adorable account features Buff, Wally, and Conan in the most smile-inducing posts. There’s plenty of videos of the piggies scuttling around in grassy fields and playing with their piggy parents and tiny humans. Our favorite posts? The ones featuring the piggies running in slow motion of course! If you thought that guinea pigs are cute at normal speed, wait until you’ve seen these slowed-down videos. 


Hailing from England are Chestnut, Nutmeg, and Cotton! These little rays of sunshine are sure to bring a smile to your face that never leaves! There’s plenty of photos of this trio, whether they’re all together or doing their own thing. We love seeing the videos of the piggies relaxing and getting petted—all the stress abandons us the second we lay our eyes on them! If you’re in need of a break from the real world, take a minute (or a few, because you’re going to get lost in the sauce that is their Instagram account) and go through this cute piggy wonderland.


Another piggy trio that we love to see! Linux, Ferdinando and Inácio Timóteo are the residents of yet another happiness-inducing Instagram account. The videos of the guinea pigs munching on their favorite fruits and veggies are simple, but they’re enough to bring us immeasurable joy! And you’re in luck—if you also like cats, they’ve got those on their account too! Call it a twofer, we call it infinite serotonin.



The infamous Cooke and Cream on TikTok has made their appearance! Coming in at 122K, this piggy duo is ruling the guinea pig side of TikTok. If you’re an animal lover and your For You Page (FYP) has probably flooded you with their content already! We love the videos of the piggies in tiny pink, sparkly cowboy hats. And if you happen to enjoy videos of guinea pigs chewing (quite the niche topic, but we know you guys are out there) they’ve got the videos for you. This TikTok account truly is the piggy paradise.


We’ve got a piggy duo ruling over TikTok as well! Tony and Oscar reside over on guinea pig TikTok, and it’s impossible not to fall for their dark fur and wiggling butts in all the wonderful videos that their piggy parent posts of them! This is another account to scroll through and get lost on, because you’ll find yourself watching videos of them eating for hours before you even know it. This is the danger of guinea pig videos and TikTok as an app, all rolled into one. Warning! You’re not going to get any work done if you spend your break looking through their videos.



The pinned Tweet at the top of their account is enough to bring happy tears to any guinea pig lover’s face! While Pickle is no longer with us, her photo of her trying to fit into her bed from when she was smaller is enough to make our entire day! Choco and Button are the residents of this Twitter account now, and they bring just as much joy! As piggy lovers, we all know that our piggies sometimes sleep with their eyes open, and Choco and Button’s human loves to document what they call the piggies’ #deathnap. This honestly ought to be a guinea pig social media trend on all platforms! 


Darcey and Lucy are the residents of this adorable Twitter account! They’re a pair of piggies that love spending time with their human, and we love seeing the photos and videos of them doing it! We keep saying this, but a long scroll through this account will make your entire day—they are little bundles of joy for sure. We especially love the videos of Lucy squeezing through tubes and leaving poop in her trail. We’re telling you, fellow piggy parents, this account is nothing but love and happiness bundled in one joy package.

And a special mention to our favorite piggy YouTubers, The Piggy Potatoes! They've got the absolute cutest videos of their piggy potatoes! From videos of the guinea pigs munching on hay, to the guinea pig sounds and guinea pig squeaks, they've got you covered for any kinds of guinea pig content that you'd want to see. They truly have everything you could ever want, and they're another reason you'll find yourself scrolling through YouTube Shorts instead of getting your work done. 

Check out all these accounts, but also don't forget to follow us on our social media @guineadad on all platforms!

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