GuineaDad Nourish Series - Herbal Supplement Healthy Treats for Guinea Pigs

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Just like us, humans need our vitamins and nutrients to maintain great health, so do guinea pigs - which is why we supply these healthy treats for guinea pigs. We guinea pig parents have to look out for our piggies and each other! Here at GuineaDad we provide the best options for guinea pig supplements and forage. You can use them as hay toppers, forage, to encourage bonding, or provide it as supplemental guinea pig treats.

GuineaDad Herbal Supplements guinea pig food with vitamin C boosts their immunity from many illnesses that guinea pigs are prone to catch, and supplies them with the nutrition they need to stay happy and healthy. They are also some of the tastiest healthy treats you can give your guinea pig! Don't believe me? Let your guinea pig be the judge.

GuineaDad Nourish Series - Herbal Supplement does not include any additives or preservatives. It is a great supplement for guinea pigs to stay healthy and strong. As GuineaDad does with every product, we went extra step of getting the human grade USDA organic supplement for guinea pigs. 

Efficient Lid Design - GuineaDad Nourish Series - Herbal Supplement comes in a lid that gives you two feeding options. The bigger hole is for pouring more content at once, and can be beneficial for fuzzy herbs like Raspberry Leaf. The smaller hole is for smaller portions, and can be beneficial for more solid herbs like Rose Hip. 

Secure packaging - GuineaDad Nourish Series - Herbal Supplement packaging is designed to look not only lovely, but secure. The sturdy frame around the cup keeps your guinea pig treats from crumbling. 

Healthy and Nutritious- Guinea pigs love these herbal supplement treats! They taste so great and fresh, they will not even know how healthy they are for them to consume. All of our herbal supplement treats are packed with vitamins and minerals that benefit your piggies in different ways.


Chamomile is a natural anti-anxiety herb that aids in easing tension and pain. It can also be used to help digestive issues, bloating, and even eye infections such as weepy eyes.

Dandelion is a herb that is high in fiber, making it a useful supplement to aid in digestive issues. It is found to have more beta-carotene then carrots, more iron  than spinach, and more potassium than bananas. 

Marigold has been known to aid in soothing external skin injuries along with stomach inflammation. The abundance of carotenoids and polysaccharides found in Marigold help boosts the immune system.

Raspberry Leaf is a great herb that helps to support the natural metabolism due to its abundance in fiber. Raspberry leaves are not only beneficial for all guinea pigs, they are also very beneficial for guinea pigs that are pregnant, or have recently given birth.

Rose Hips is a great herbal fruit that helps to support the prevention of scurvy due to its abundance in vitamin C and iron while being low in fat.



Ingredient: 100% Dried Organic Chamomile

Net Weight (Large Cup): 1.5oz

Net Weight (Small Cup): 0.9oz

Dandelion Leaf

Ingredient: 100% Dried Organic Dandelion Leaf

Net Weight (Large Cup): 2.5oz

Net Weight (Small Cup):1.3oz 


Ingredient: 100% Dried Organic Marigold

Net Weight (Large Cup): 1.8oz

Net Weight (Small Cup): 1.2oz

Raspberry Leaf 

Ingredient: 100% Dried Organic Raspberry Leaf

Net Weight (Large Cup): 2.0oz

Net Weight (Small Cup): 1.2oz

Rose Hips 

Ingredient: 100% Dried Organic Rose Hips

Net Weight (Large Cup): 5.8oz

Net Weight (Small Cup): 3.6oz 

NOTE: GuineaDad Nourish Series - Herbal Supplement is only available in the US and Canada, not available in Puerto Rico. 

GuineaDad Nourish Series - Herbal Supplements are intended for guinea pig supplement, and is not a substitute for regular diet. Can be fed daily - Keep it between 1-2 tsp per pound

Efficient Lid Design: We know the familiar frustration when you are opening a treat for your guinea pigs, and they are so excited that you struggle with closing up the treat bag. This is why we designed out herbal supplement guinea pig treats to be easy access. This way, you can feed your wheeking piggies, while sealing the lid at the same time.

We also designed the GuineaDad Herbal Supplement lid with two hole feeders. The smaller hole can be used for when you are planning on giving your piggy just a few treats. This feature can be convenient for herb choices like Rose Hip, which can be poured in big amounts.

Maybe you're planning on giving all of your piggies a lot more love. Well, the bigger hole is to pour more content into your hand at once. This can also be convenient for herb choices like Raspberry Leaf, that tends to have content that sticks together.


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timothy hay orchard hay for guinea pigs

With Only Guinea Pigs in Mind

When we do something we do it right, especially when it comes to our guinea pigs. That is why we solely focus on methods to enrich and help guinea pigs so that they live their lives to the fullest.

Guinea pig picture held over healthy guinea pig herbal and flower supplement and treats
timothy hay orchard hay for guinea pigs

What Guinea Pigs Would Find in the Wild

Here at GuineaDad we wanted to provide what's best for guinea pigs. That is why we stuck with what guinea pigs would eat in the wild. No preservatives, no unnecessary ingredients, just all USDA organic herbs.

guinea pig interested in various herbal flower supplement and treats - dandelion marigold rosehip raspberry leaf chamomile and peaflake
timothy hay orchard hay for guinea pigs

Essence of Bonding

All good things take time and patience, and it especially rings true when it comes to developing a bond with guinea pigs. With love, patience, and a hint of some healthy treats you'll develop one of the most gratifying moments of both you and your guinea pigs' life.

pea flakes makes bonding with guinea pigs easier
timothy hay orchard hay for guinea pigs

Stress, Anxiety, & Pain Relief


Appetite Loss & Digestion

Dandelion Leaf

Boost Immunity & Aid Digestion


Soft Stool & Pregnancy

Raspberry Leaf

Boost in Vitamin C & Iron

Rose Hips