🍀 Win Big with Our St. Patrick’s Pet Extravaganza!🍀

Dive into the St. Patrick’s Pet Extravaganza to showcase your creativity and win big. Don't miss out!
A guinea pig in front of a festive St. Patrick's Day setup with decorations, bowls of food, and a 'LUCKY' banner, complete with a GuineaDad brand logo.

🍀Event Guideline🍀

🌈 Two Ways to Win: Unleash your creativity for a chance to win big!


    1. First Way to Win: Create & Share!

    • Create content (videos, carousels, infographics, etc.) on your social media showcasing the benefits of Premium GuineaDad Liner or BunnyLet.
    • Tagging is crucial: Whether you own our products or simply aspire to, you can participate! Just make sure to tag @GuineaDad in your post and include the hashtags #PetGala and either #GuineaGang (for the Premium GuineaDad Liner) or #BunnyGang (for BunnyLet). Talk about the benefits, share your experiences or express your wish to win these products!
    • Prize: The winner will receive the product they feature or discuss in their content, allowing you to bring home the Premium GuineaDad Liner or BunnyLet you showcase!

      🚨General Criteria (60 Points):

      • Entertainment & content quality (40 Points)
      • Brand and slogan inclusion (10 Points): GuineaDad or BunnyDad with "Helping Pets Live Their Lives to the Fullest" in content
      • If you also participate in "Two-line Poem" contest below (10 Points)

      🚨Specific Product Criteria (40 Points):

      Detail the benefits of either Premium GuineaDad Liner or BunnyLet, aiming to win the product you highlight. We've outlined key benefits of each product below.

      1. Premium GuineaDad Liner

      A. AirCell™ Technology (20 Points):

      • Plush Cushion Comfort: Demonstrating how AirCell™ Technology provides an ultra-plush cushion that enhances comfort for guinea pigs
      • Enhanced Airflow: Showing how AirCell™ encourages airflow to keep the liner drier, contributing to a better living environment; the liner also dries quickly after washing
      • Resistance to Shrinkage: Explaining how AirCell™ Technology helps fight shrinkage, ensuring the liner retains its shape and size over time

      B. Intelligent Antibacterial Fiber (20 Points):

        Emphasizing the importance of antibacterial fibers in controlling bacteria and reducing odors, which contributes to a healthier environment for guinea pigs
      2. BunnyLet

      A. WaffleTray (20 Points):

      • Demonstrating how the WaffleTray contributes to keeping the rabbit's living space dry and comfortable, directly impacting the prevention of conditions like bumblefoot & bacterial infection

        B. Bamboo Charcoal Liner Bag (20 Points):

        • Demonstrating how the Bamboo Charcoal Liner Bags effectively neutralize odors, and the overall design simplifies the cleaning process - great if you can emphasize the minimal effort!


          2. Second Way to Win: Craft a Two-line Poem

          • How to Join: Leave your two-line poem as a comment on our special Pet Gala post from March 17th on the @GuineaDad
          • Compose Your Poem: Begin with "GD" for GuineaDad or "BD" for BunnyDad theme.
          • Challenge and Tag: Don't forget to tag a friend in your comment with the challenge, “Can you beat this?” to encourage fun and participation!
          • Winning & Prize: The poem with the most likes wins $100 Store Credit, so share your comment to gather support!


          For "GD," your comment might be:

          "G"uineaDad enthusiasts gather round, "D"elight in this challenge where your creativity is unbound!" @FriendUsername "Can you beat this?"


          ⚠️Any content that insults, swears at, or offends others will be deleted.🚫


          🍀Event Period🍀 March 17, 2024 ~ March 31, 2024

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