GuineaDad – Our Story – Creators of the World’s Best Washable Guinea Pig Cage Liners & More!

"Let's show everyone that we care and our piggies matter. There is no space for the firms that do not care."
how we started this business. This is our story of how everything came to be

Hello everyone,

I am Si, the founder, and CEO of GuineaDad. I want to tell everyone how GuineaDad started and where we are heading.

GuineaDad is proud to have created the world’s best washable guinea pig cage liners!


I am ashamed to admit it, but I was not ready for Peanut when I first got her. I did not get a single thing right. I first met Peanut at PetCo. I put her in one of those small cages. As I did not know what not to feed your young guinea pig, I only gave her timothy hay even though she was just a couple weeks old. I provided water in a bowl. The pellet was one of those mixed with nuts. 

Now it has been more than a year since Sean and I founded GuineaDad. Our goal has always been to create premium products that focus on improving guinea pigs mental and physical health. I started GuineaDad envisioning the world where the thoughtless guinea pig products have no shelf space, so no one will make the same mistakes I made.

Our first product was GuineaDad’s guinea pig fleece cage liners. It was the most obvious thing that needed to be improved. Many large firms only sell disposable beddings (paper bedding, wood shavings, puppy pads, etc.) because they are profitable. Many DIYers have the right idea, but many lack the resources to create the optimal products. That’s why we wanted to create washable guinea pig cage liners that were comfortable and easy to clean. Your guinea pig will love snuggling up in one of our liners!

I know everyone, deep down (regardless of making mistakes like I did), wants the best for their guinea pigs. The guinea pigs deserve a happy and healthy life. I read all the messages that come through our website, Instagram, Facebook, and email. Please don't hesitate to provide ideas and feedback! 

Let's show everyone that we care and our piggies matter. There is no space for the firms that do not care. 

Do you want the best for your guinea pig? In addition to our washable guinea pig cage liners, we are now offering high quality healthy guinea pig food including guinea pig timothy hay.

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