Ways to decorate your guinea pig's cage for the fall

In general, your goal should be to set up a safe environment for your guinea pig to live in!
how to decorate guinea pig cages

In general, your goal should be to set up a safe environment for your guinea pig to live in! A safe and healthy environment equals a guinea pig that is happy and healthy.

Once you’ve achieved this, you can start thinking about the fun and guinea pig safe decorations that you want to utilize to make your piggy cage fun and visually appealing. 

Priority 1: A safe cage

How much space and what kind of cage?

The amount of space that is required in a guinea pig cage is heavily dependent on the number of guinea pigs you have!

According to the Humane Society, one guinea pig needs a minimum of 7.5 square feet of cage space, but it’s important to note that guinea pigs need piggy friends in order to thrive and live happily. This being said, it’s best to have a minimum of at least two guinea pigs! In this case, you’ll need 10.5 square feet.

The space requirements for the number of guinea pigs are as follows:

  • One guinea pig: 7.5 square feet (but remember that it is best to have 2 guinea pigs)
  • Two guinea pigs: 10.5 square feet
  • Three guinea pigs: 13 square feet
  • Four guinea pigs: 16 square feet 

It can be a little tricky finding cages that fit these recommendations perfectly, but each size of the Offbeat Piggy Condo C&C Cage is made with these in mind and perfectly fit the recommendations.

Guinea pig cage liners for hygiene and comfort

The GuineaDad Liner and GuineaDad Premium Liners are both the perfect choice of bedding for guinea pig cages, as they have a multitude of benefits for you and your guinea pig. 

No more having to change traditional paper and other types of bedding constantly. The GuineaDad Liners just need to be quickly and easily spot cleaned daily, and can be washed at least once a week. 

The liners are ultra-absorbent, meaning that your piggy won’t be tracking urine everywhere they go. There are different layers of the liner that serve different purposes, all working towards keeping your guinea pig’s living environment safe and healthy for them. 

The GuineaDad Liners are made with fibers that are coated in antibacterial agents that inhibit bacterial growth, which then in turn helps with preventing any odor. With the lack of bacteria, you can prevent the contraction of infections and illnesses for your guinea pigs.

The liners also have handy pockets! As guinea pig parents, we know that piggies like to hide in darker spaces! All GuineaDad products are made with guinea pig behavior and tendencies in mind. This means that we created the pocket to encourage hiding and cuddling. For some extra fun, you can tuck their favorite hideys inside the pocket so it’s double the shadows and double the comfort for them! 

Our GuineaDad Queen’s Castle is a solid wood hidey that is just as luxurious as it is comfortable and tasty for your guinea pigs! Your piggies are able to chew on it and by doing this, it helps them maintain their teeth! If you’re going for a fairytale-themed decorating style for your guinea pig’s cage, this is the perfect hidey to get for your piggy. 

We’ve also got the GuineaDad Crunchy Condo that is the perfect simple hidey for your guinea pig. It’s super easy to assemble, and guinea pigs love them! They’re made with virgin paper and food touch-safe ink, meaning that it’s perfectly safe for you guinea pigs to enjoy hiding in, and also to munch on, as the name suggests. 

How to decorate your guinea pig cage

Always use materials and decorations that are safe for your guinea pig. If you’re placing things within their reach, make sure the items are non-toxic and won’t harm your piggy. For example, if you’d like to hang garlands and other similar items, it’s best to hang them high up on the cage panels so the piggies can’t reach them. 

Recently, in a shoot that we did with GuineaDad’s girls Ru (Siru) and Mi (Julmi), we expanded their cage area and decorated it so we could take some fun and cute photos of them. If you follow us on social media, you may have seen some of these photos already! 

We decorated using some soft dolls and plastic skeletons that the piggies weren’t actually too interested in chewing on, which is good! We also draped some fake vines and leaves over their hideys to get more into the autumn vibe. 

The piggies weren’t too bothered or affected by the fake greenery, and actually went about using the hideys as they usually would. This proves to us that decorating their cages can be fun and viable, given that we keep an eye on how they act towards the new items. 

We even decorated the hideys and their cage with some pumpkins! Surprisingly, they weren’t too interested in them and only took a sniff of them before they waddled away, uninterested. 

Of course, guinea pigs tend to chew on anything and everything, and your guinea pigs’ behavior and personality may deem them more interested in some decorations and objects than our guinea pigs.The only way you’d be able to figure this out is by placing your decorations how you want and seeing how they act towards them! If your guinea pig chews on them, it might be best if you didn’t use those objects.

It’s time to decorate!

Like we mentioned previously, it’s important that you have the basics down, AKA a safe cage, before you even consider decorating! Their safety and comfort should be your number one priority before anything else, and it’s best to base your decorations around this idea.

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