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What is boar glue?

When looking around for information to confirm the advice we were going to give this piggy parent, it turned out that...
What is boar glue?

Here at GuineaDad, we’re always responding to DMs and comments on our social media from piggy parents who have questions about their piggies and how to take care of them!

If you ever have questions about anything, from our products to anything guinea pig related, feel free to ask us on any of our platforms, whether it be through social media or email! We try to get back to you in a timely manner to help you out with whatever you need.

When we were doing our usual social media sweep a few weeks ago, we received a question about boar glue!

When looking around for information to confirm the advice we were going to give this piggy parent, it turned out that there really isn’t a whole lot of information available online about boar glue.

Because of that, we decided it was worth pulling together information to create this blog post for any other piggy parents who might be interested and who might want to learn more about guinea pig boar glue!

What is guinea pig boar glue?

To put it simply, boar glue is a term used to refer to guinea pig boar (male) ejaculate! It gets its name from the rubbery, glue-like appearance, and the fact that it sticks stubbornly to everything! It can also be quite difficult to remove.

However if it gets on your other guinea pigs, it usually will come off on its own over time, and you can also try wiping at it gently with warm water to speed up the process. Finding boar glue in your guinea pigs’ cage is normal, and nothing to be worried about. It isn't harmful or toxic, and it's perfectly safe for other piggies to be around it. However, we recommend not keeping your boars around their female counterparts!

What’s not normal about boar glue?

If the ejaculate is “stuck” or hardened within the penis, this is cause for concern!  The help of your vet might be necessary to treat this, as the ejaculate clogging that area can make it difficult for your piggy to urinate, which can be dangerous.

There are some other issues that your boar might run into when it comes to their boar glue. Sometimes debris will get stuck in there, such as hay, and it can be uncomfortable for them!

You can treat this by flushing the area with warm water using a syringe. However if you can’t do this yourself, then this is where your vet comes in handy. They have experience dealing with this kind of thing, and they might have some advice on how to clean it off of things.

The bottom line?

Boar glue and its appearance in your guinea pigs’ cage is perfectly normal, and nothing to be concerned about! The only thing you have to worry about is how you’re going to get it off of things…

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Hi I’m messaging because I am concerned for my piggy. I have two males and the smaller male is getting mounted by my larger piggy. I am finding a hard crust on the smaller piggies back and I had to cut it out with scissors. I’m wondering what I should do


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