What Are Your Guinea Pigs Trying To Tell Each Other?

What Are Your Guinea Pigs Trying To Tell Each Other?

Many piggy parents have asked me numerous times why their guinea pigs do certain things, and sometimes it can be tricky because all piggies are different. Not only that, but you as a piggy parent, truly knows their own fur baby. However there are some guinea pig gestures that guinea pigs will express to you or their cage mates that do have similar meanings. Maybe this entry can help you discover and know your piggy even better.

What are your guinea pigs trying to tell each other?

Yesterday, as I was filming our recent vlog I was calling out to Tofu and Dumpling. Every so often, when Dumpling is in close proximity of Tofu, Tofu will make a deep rumbling sound. When she makes this sound she is expressing that she is annoyed by Dumpling and wants some space. Sometimes if Dumpling doesn’t respond to that sound, she will slightly raise her head high almost as if she wants to head butt Dumpling. When Tofu displays this sort of gesture, Dumpling usually wanders off away from Tofu. It doesn’t happen too often, but it happens!

What are your guinea pigs trying to tell each other?

When guinea pigs raise their head, it is often a sign of dominance. Sometimes when guinea pigs express dominance, it will be because of change in environment, cage mates, or difference of personality. In this case, Tofu and Dumpling just have completely different personalities. Tofu is very bold and testy, while Dumpling is timid and curious. Sometimes it feels as though they even themselves out as a dynamic, especially when they free roam around the house

How do guinea pigs express dominance?

When I had my guinea pig Peanut, she used to be the leader of the trio. Ever since Peanut passed away, Tofu seems to have been a lot more direct with how she interacts with Dumpling. Dumpling and Tofu have an interesting dynamic, although they bond in their own way, Tofu still makes it clear that she is the boss amongst them two.

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@Lynn, mine are exactly the way you described, but that is why I know they are not unhappy with each other.


My two are so different one timid the other lords herself over the whole house. When I’m at a kitchen bench Chelsea comes and stands on my foot begging the other Elsie stands way back but also begs standing on a box. They certainly are a funny couple.


My little man, Hudson, loves his food. He always has access to food, hay and water. I get him out of his cage several times a day. I used to give him a small snack each time, but quit because I was afraid that I was giving him snacks too many snacks. Now, if he doesn’t have a snack waiting when he climbs out of his cage, he will turn around and climb back in and ignore you until he hears his snack bag being opened. Hudson has his own way of letting you know when he is unhappy by not getting what he wants.


This is very helpful since my two boys act this way A LOT. I sometimes wonder if their lives wouldn’t be more peaceful if I separated them and had them live in separate cages, but when I do have one out and not the other, the one left in the cage seems distraught. Sigh, I guess I just do not understand the guinea pig psyche :)


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