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Marigolds aren’t just a pretty flower, but a great way to supplement your guinea pig’s diet and aid with their digestion, as well as several other health benefits.

Guinea pig diets tend to be pretty healthy on their own, but we understand that sometimes piggy parents want to add in supplements to help in certain areas of their nutrition where they may need a little extra. 

Marigold is a great way to add in some extra fiber to help with your piggy’s digestive system because it’s got such a good amount of fiber! It’s also known to be good for soothing external skin injuries, and boosting the immune system. 

We made sure to take care of the little details, down to the thoughtful packaging for your convenience. The supplements are in a sturdy cup container, which means it’ll protect the little treats from crumbling or falling apart. The lid is also designed to be helpful with serving—there are two different sized openings! 

And if we’re being honest, the way to a piggy’s heart is through their stomach a lot of the time, and these treats are the perfect way to do it! They’re tasty, and healthy, and your guinea pig will love them (and you).


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GuineaDad Nourish Series - Herbal Supplements are intended for guinea pig supplement, and is not a substitute for regular diet. Can be fed daily - Keep it between 1-2 tsp per pound

Efficient Lid Design: We know the familiar frustration when you are opening a treat for your guinea pigs, and they are so excited that you struggle with closing up the treat bag. This is why we designed out herbal supplement guinea pig treats to be easy access. This way, you can feed your wheeking piggies, while sealing the lid at the same time.

We also designed the GuineaDad Herbal Supplement lid with two hole feeders. The smaller hole can be used for when you are planning on giving your piggy just a few treats. This feature can be convenient for herb choices like Rose Hip, which can be poured in big amounts.

Maybe you're planning on giving all of your piggies a lot more love. Well, the bigger hole is to pour more content into your hand at once. This can also be convenient for herb choices like Raspberry Leaf, that tends to have content that sticks together.


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timothy hay orchard hay for guinea pigs

With Only Guinea Pigs in Mind

When we do something we do it right, especially when it comes to our guinea pigs. That is why we solely focus on methods to enrich and help guinea pigs so that they live their lives to the fullest.

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timothy hay orchard hay for guinea pigs
GuineaDad Marigold organic herbal treats for guinea pigs

Tummy soothing

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Infographic displaying the health benefits of guineadad organic herbal treats for guinea pigs
timothy hay orchard hay for guinea pigs

One hand on your piggy and the other on the prize

Person feeding GuineaDad RoseHip Organic Herbal Treats to a guinea pig
timothy hay orchard hay for guinea pigs

A way to your piggy’s heart

Guinea pigs love raspberry leaf and they’ll love you for feeding it to them! Take your time when you are introducing new food and use it as a way to bond with them.

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Guinea pigs eating GuineaDad RoseHip Organic Herbal Treats for guinea pigs
Guinea pig eating GuineaDad Dandelion Leaf Organic Herbal Treats for guinea pigs
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The best of what nature has to offer

Just organic and wholesome nutrition without the additives and preservatives.
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Wholesome Nutrition

GuineaDad Organic Herbal Treats for guinea pigs
timothy hay orchard hay for guinea pigs

No additives or preservatives

We want to provide our guinea pigs with the freshest and safest foods, and GuineaDad Herbal Treats are by far the best option.

The inclusion of additives or preservatives has never been something we’ve considered because we know that they can be harmful to our piggies. Just pure, healthy herbal treats to keep them happy and healthy for as long as possible.

guinea pig eating GuineaDad organic treats for guinea pigs