DIY Guinea Pig House - Free Template Inside!

Grab yourself a Crunchy Condo, print out the template and get creating.
Template for a DIY guinea pig house

DIY guinea pig home

A lot of our cardboard DIY videos on YouTube take many hours to be completed. So we decided to make a simple DIY video for those of you that want to dabble in this hobby but have no idea where to start. Grab yourself a crunchy condo, print out the template and get creating!

Our video:

Things you will need:

diy activity for guinea pigs

- Crunchy Condo

If you don't have a crunchy condo, you can purchase a 3-pack here: Crunchy Condo 3-Pack


guinea pig hidey

guinea pig home

guinea pig hide out





-Exacto Knife



-Hot Glue




1. Gather all your supplies and print out the templates.

diy activity


2. Cut out the template using scissors and/or an exacto knife(please be careful to not accidentally cut yourself). Be sure to cut as close to the lines as you can if you want the edges to match up exactly during gluing!

craft activity for guinea pigs


3. Trace the cut out template shapes onto spare cardboard pieces that you have. It could be from Amazon boxes or anything laying around the house. You can also use a ruler to help assist with tracing the straight edges.

guinea pig hideout


4. Cut out the cardboard using a ruler and exacto knife. The ruler comes in handy when cutting out the straight edges, but you may have to freehand cut the curves. Be mindful of where your fingers are when you do so!

guinea pig home


5. Get some hot glue and start assembling the pieces together! Follow the instructions of where to place each piece on the template.

guinea pig houses


6. Now finish off the cottage by adding some final touches! You can write letters on the sign, glue on the doors(draw on little door handles), and even draw bricks on the roof. The world is your limit!

diy guinea pig houses


If you try out this DIY project, be sure to take a picture with your guinea pig inside and tag us on Instagram @guineadad so we can see what you've created! We will share our favorites there~


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How do you keep the house upright? My piggies kept toppling it over! 😂


Quel format de feuille faut-il utiliser pour imprimer le gabarit (8 1/2 × 11 ou 8 1/2 × 14)? Merci beaucoup!

Marie-Josée Valin

Hello, I just love this , I will make it with my grandson.. We have a boy guinea piggie named Peanut…. My printer will not let me print this , can you please email this to me directly …. I would be so very grateful..

Jessica sizemore

Hi! I have a question about the crunchy condo. Can you show us how to make the crunchy condo out of cardboard? Thanks!😄


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