Do's and Don'ts for This Season

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Summer has ended, and Fall is on its way! 

Here are some ways to keep your piggies nice and snug during this breezy season:

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Don't leave your piggies outside when its cold

Do keep the room's temperature as close to 65-75F (18-24C)

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Don't use wood shavings as padding since it won't keep your piggies warm in the cold weather and the dust can cause infections


Do layer up on padding for your cage, piggies love to snuggle and burrow to keep warm and hidden

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Don't leave the cage in a place where it can get wet

Do keep your piggies' cage dry, humidity can cause molding and that can be bad for their respiratory conditionbaby guinea pigs

Don't feed your piggies too many sugary vegetables

 Do feed them veggies such as green or red lettuce, paprika, cucumber it will provide enough nutrients for a healthy diet

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Don't leave water out for days

Do replace your water frequently and check if the temperature is drinkable, piggies will avoid drinking water if it is not right for their taste

We hope you and your piggies can stay warm and cozy this fall!

Comment below on your tips and tricks!

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