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GuineaDad guinea pig hideys/homes are a piggy favorite! As you probably already know, guinea pigs are prone to hiding because of their natural instincts, and even in the comfy, quiet life you provide for them, they’ll still get spooked from time to time. Thus, a guinea pig house, also known as a hidey, that serves as a hiding place is essential to helping your guinea pig live comfortably and confidently! Unfortunately, products intended for smaller animals like guinea pig are often made with very low-quality materials to save the manufacturer money. In addition, not many big named pet product brands create guinea pig products because they’re not as profitable as those intended for more “mainstream” pets like cats and dogs. We stumbled onto this sad reality after one of our beloved guinea pigs, Tofu, got bacterial conjunctivitis, and we couldn’t find quality products to help her feel more comfortable as she dealt with the infection. We started GuineaDad to change that and fill a need we noticed the market hadn’t suitably addressed.

We wanted to offer a quality guinea pig house because your favorite little piggies always need a place to hide and feel safe. We now offer two different types of guinea pig hideys – the Crunchy Condo and Queen’s Castle. They both offer a tranquil escape from whatever may be troubling your guinea pig and are the perfect place for them to stash the guinea pig toys you’ve spoiled them with as well. Have confidence in your piggie’s hidey home on all levels with the GuineaDad house/hidey products we offer.

The Crunchy Condo is ideal for the times when you’re traveling with your guinea pig and need an easy way to make them a comfortable home at the vet, at a friend’s house, at the airport, or anywhere else. They come in a three pack, so you’ll always have a guinea pig hidey available. The Crunchy Condo house is also made of special cardboard, which it the perfect material for guinea pigs to gnaw on to keep their teeth a healthy length. Our materials are not only sturdy and made from reusable, recyclable material, but also made with guinea pig friendly paper, glue, and ink designed to be chewed. It’s great for both your piggies and the environment. We encourage you to color and customize (with guinea pig safe materials) these boxes to truly make your guinea pig’s hidey home unique! Your guinea pigs can also customize it themselves by gnawing at the entrances and window to make each bigger.

Our other GuineaDad guinea pig house product called, “The Queen’s Castle,” was  inspired by Buckingham Palace in UK because guinea pigs are always treated like a royalty here! It’s made of whole wood that’s strong and sturdy, but still safe to chew on, and can easily be disassembled when needed. When choosing a wooden guinea pig product, it is important to have wood that is non-VOC and toxic for guinea pigs because guinea pigs have sensitive respiratory system. GuineaDad Queen’s Castle is completely safe and designed for guinea pigs to live happily ever after. Even though it’s known as the Queen’s Castle, kings are of course welcome too, so get the hidey/house your piggie deserves, male or female, and treat them like utter royalty. Don’t forget we can always engrave a photo of your king or queen guinea pig and their name on this hidey to add that personalized touch. That’s the customization you won’t find with other guinea pig hideys made by other brands out there. If you have multiple guinea pigs, get one for each to create their own little kingdom to live happily ever after in.

Here at GuineaDad we thrive to create and deliver the best availableguinea pig productson the market, including this premium hidey selection. Our goal is to create products for guinea pigs that will enrich their lives and provide them with the upmost stimulating environment possible. We are here to make you and your piggie happy.

Order a guinea pig hidey or home from GuineaDad today and give your fur baby the environment they deserve!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Guinea pig toys and other beds coming soon!