Everything You Need to Know About Your Crunchy Condo

Everything You Need to Know About Crunchy Condos

Did you just receive your brand new Crunchy Condo? This is a GuineaDad product you definitely don't want to miss out on! In this blog you'll read what it comes with, how to put it together, and why it's a great guinea pig cage essential!

What Does It Include?

  • Three strips of water activated kraft tape (to secure top of condo)
  • Three strips of chew safe string (to attach wall climber and small square piece)
  • Three Crunchy Condos

How Do I Put It Together?

  1. Detach both bottom pieces along the line with scissors.
  2. Puncture the 4 small pre-cut slits on both top long flaps of the condo.
  3. Puncture all 4 pre-cute circles on both top short flaps.
  4. Fold the 2 short flaps down first and then fold down the long flaps.
  5. Wet provided tape prior to adhering to condo
  6. Place the wet tape along the top center of the condo where the long flaps meet.
How to Put Together the GuineaDad Crunchy Condo
    Optional Steps:
    1.  Punch out the pre-cut windows to add a nice photo stand for your piggies.
    2. Punch out perforated GuineaGang character, Goong, the wall climber from bottom piece (mentioned in step 1)
    3. Connect Goong with the rope provided by knotting it through the hole, and knotting the other end with the rectangle piece provided
    4. OR place Goong to hang from the side of the condo for your piggy to chew.
    GuineaDad Crunchy Condo Personal Construction

      Now your Crunchy Condo is ready to be placed in your guinea pig's home!


      How to Connect All the Crunchy Series

      As many of you piggy parents know, GuineaDad Crunchy Condo is actually the packaging we use for our full sized GuineaDad Liners. Many piggy parents wanted the Crunchy Condo by itself, so now we have been selling them individually, in packs of three! That's not all though! 

      Like most of our products, they come in our innovative packaging that we call the Crunchy Series, that also turn into hideys. The smaller size GuineaDad Liners (without pockets) comes packaged in a Crunchy Tunnel, and The Queen's Castle comes packaged in our Crunchy Castle. The best part about the Crunchy Series is that they can connect all together!

      Just punch open the lower perforated corners of the Crunchy Condo or Crunchy Castle, and punch the perforated windows of the Crunchy Tunnel! Bend the windows back and slide the window flap through the slot of the Crunchy Condo and/ or Crunchy Castle. Just like that, you'll have one big hidey for your guinea pigs to play in!

      GuineaDad Crunchy Series Install Instructions

      What Makes the Crunchy Condo Special?

      Make Them Feel Safe Guinea pigs are very cautious animals and are prone to hiding due to their natural instincts. A guinea pig hidey is an essential to a guinea pig's habitat. Our GuineaDad Crunchy Condo offers them the safe comfort they need to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

      Supports Dental Health GuineaDad Crunchy Condo can also be used as a hideout and toy for your guinea pigs to gnaw on to help promote healthy and normal dental wear. Dental health is an important element to be weary of when caring for guinea pigs. That's why we designed a reusable, recyclable, and non-toxic cardboard for guinea pigs to ingest.

      Fun Design GuineaDad Crunchy Condos also include fun designs featuring our GuineaGang Characters, Goong, who is a cliff-climber and herb picker of the group. We decided to include small perforation of Goong for you along with a small rope for you to attach to the top or along the Crunchy Condo. Of course, everyone's favorite part of the Crunchy Condo is the big perforation of Goong alongside the Crunchy Condo, which you can punch out for your guinea pig for a nice and fun photo.

      Everything Goes Together! You can connect your Crunchy Condo with all of any of our Crunchy Series (Crunchy Tunnel, Crunchy Castle) to create the best hidey experience for your guinea pig.

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