Guinea Pigs Are (Much) Smarter Than You Think!

and YES we have proof! Test your piggie intelligence here.
Guinea Pigs are Much Smarter than You Think

While filming our latest vlog with my guinea pigs Tofu and Dumpling, I noticed small tendencies that reflect their intelligence. For instance, sometimes I put a mirror against the wall for the guinea pigs. They seem to like this activity a lot for some reason. More importantly, they love to look at their reflection. They always seem to acknowledge that they are seeing themselves in the mirror.

Guinea Pigs Are Smarter Than You Think!

Another thing that I have recognized is a sign of how smart they are is how they recognize patterns. They are capable of pairing sounds with the activity that follows. For example, when I crinkle a GuineaDad Pea Flake bag they recognize that it’s a bag of their treats. Or today, when I was pulling the fluffy seed heads from the GuineaDad Hay, Tofu recognized the sound and came to me expecting me to feed her a few. Especially when I use my high-pitched voice to talk to them, they know that I only use that voice for them and when I use my regular voice, they are not affected.

Signs Guinea Pigs Are Smart!

The last and favorite thing I love about how smart guinea pigs are is their ability to manipulate their humans. Just because guinea pigs are small, don’t underestimate how much power they have! My guinea pigs love being around me, however, they will do little tendencies like climb or rub against me because they know that being around me increases their chances of getting treats. So without being provoked or called, they will get as close as possible to me to get what they want, and most of the time… they do. 

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Hey, do you know if guinea pigs are smarter than rabbits? I’m curious because I have two guinea pigs and I noticed that almost everyone has rabbits and guinea pigs are less popular.


interesting blog


My four girls manipulate me all the time for treats and one of them,my oldest sqeaks very loud at feeding time.

Elaine Robinson

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