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GuineaDad Guide: How to Wash Your Guinea Pig Fleece Liner - Spot Cleaning to Laundry

Welcome to an update on how to properly clean and maintain your piggies favorite upgraded guinea pig fleece!
taking care of fleece cage liner
(Updated 2023.07.19)

Hey there GuineaGang!

Welcome to an update on how to properly clean and maintain your piggies favorite upgraded guinea pig fleece! We get asked very often, “How do I wash my guinea pig fleece liner?”

Whether you are a new GuineaDad Liner user, or want to learn tips on a better maintenance routine for how to wash fleece, we suggest reading this guide to learn the guinea pig cage cleaning hacks! Proper cleaning ensures you (and your piggies!) will enjoy your liner for many years to come.

Don't feel like reading? Scroll to the bottom for the link to both YouTube video tutorials we have for washing your guinea pig fleece liner!

First, we are going to go over the very brief spot-cleaning method! It typically only takes a few minutes a day, but of course it’s very important! By spot cleaning your guinea pig cage each day, you can reduce the amount of mess that is in the cage during your actual cleanings, and it’s more comfortable for your guinea pigs to live in a clean cage.

And it’s safer for them too! Spot cleaning in itself is one of our guinea pig cage cleaning hacks!

Learn how to wash your guinea pig fleece liner from GuineaDad!
Step #1: Start by taking out all the toys and tunnels you have in your habitat. We do not want to miss any little "pebbles"!
Guinea dad has the best guinea pig cage cleaning hacks.


Step #2: Make sure to shake out all the little pebbles from the pocket! There will be a lot- they love hiding in there because it’s comfortable for them, so they’ll also do their business there as well!

Learn how to spot clean your guinea pig fleece liner


Option #1: You can clean by using a brush and dustpan. Be sure not to miss any hairs as well! If you’d like something a little faster, you can also use a small hand vacuum to quickly suck up all the poops and stray guinea pig hay.

Guinea pig cage cleaning is essential for your piggies’ health


Option #2: Take your liners and empty all the debris onto one liner. Then, fold up the liner with all of the mess, take it outside and shake it all out there! Make sure to flip the pockets to ensure you get everything out.

For those of you who do not have a backyard, try to hold the liner above the garbage can and slide down all the debris. Either tap the liner with your hand or use the brush to clean thoroughly.

Guinea pigs love playing on a clean fleece liner.


Step #3: Put all the tunnels and toys back into your cage! That's it!

Our second cleaning method is about general cleaning that covers the basics, AKA, how to wash guinea pig fleece. This includes things like only using free and clear detergents, and recommended washer and dryer settings. Here are some helpful tips!

Learn how to clean a guinea pig cage liner with GuineaDad!


Tip #1: When washing your liner, flip the pocket inside out. This allows the machine to wash the dirtiest part- the burrowing pocket! Like we mentioned before, the pocket gets the most traffic since guinea pigs like to hide in the pocket.

How to wash your guinea pig fleece liner.
Tip #2: Fold your liner in half so that the waterproof blue part is on the inside. If you flip it the other way, the water will not be able to get through! It’s important that the water reaches the dirty parts of the liner, otherwise it’ll only be partially cleaned. That being said, make sure your washer’s water level is high enough.
At GuineaDad, we know all the guinea pig cage cleaning hacks.


Settings: Always use cold or warm water, medium spin, and heavy soil level. If available, use the extra spin and extra rinse options. We also use the "bedding" option on your washer; it helps to get all the urine out of your liner- ew!

It’s important that you try not to use too much heat when washing your guinea pig fleece because it can cause the liner to shrink, as well as affect the ability to absorb urine and the ability to dry quickly.

Learn how to properly wash your guinea pig fleece liner.


Do not fill either the detergent compartments to MAX. Follow the directions on the container for how much detergent to use! We also recommend using 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar. This acts as a natural fabric softener and will not damage your liner. It will also ensure that there is no odor left behind.

At GuineaDad, we know all the guinea pig cage cleaning hacks.
Dryer Settings: We recommend controlling everything you can. Always have the drying temperature to low or extra low, best yet, no heat.  Never use medium or high temperatures; they can damage the fleece and even make it shrink! We like to time dry for 45 minutes to 1 hour and then either lay it over a chair inside or line dry for the rest of the way. This increases the longevity of the liner!
If line drying your guinea pig fleece outdoors, make sure that it isn’t in direct sunlight. The heat from the sun can have the same effect on your liners washing in hot water or drying with heat.

For the full range of our tips and tricks, or to watch these processes in action, check out our Youtube videos! 

"How to Wash & Dry GuineaDad Liners"

You can also read other blog posts to learn more about how to deep clean the GuineaDad Liners.

Still need a liner of your own? Order one of our fleece guinea pig cage liners today!

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Can I hand wash the linings with and without pockets?


It would be awesome if you guys sent care card like your competitors or have a printable version. I am old and forget the wash settings/care. I like to post them in laundry room. :)

Amanda Kalakoc

Can I just get straight out of washer and leave out to dry? My dryer is kinda broken and gets super hot no matter what?

Charlana Sanchez

Hi! For some bizzare reason, our model of washing machine does not have cold wash. Lowest is “economy” which is 20°C. Would this not be ok to sue even at that low temp?
Or will I have to hand-wash?

Many thanks


How often should I wash the liners, also what’s a good tool to use for getting the piggies hair off of the fleece?


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