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It's Easy to Keep Your Guinea Pigs Happy (Incl. Video)

It really doesn't take that much effort to make your guinea pigs happy! Read this blog to find out some simple steps.
How to make your guinea pig happy!

Today, I was hanging out with Tofu and Dumpling and realized whenever I move Queen’s Castle or Crunchy Condo, even slightly, the girls always immediately check out the hideys. Now that I think about it, they always did that. Even Peanut would consciously do this before she passed. Many times, I would witness Tofu popcorning after moving her hidey as well. This shows guinea pigs are truly curious creatures that appreciate mental stimulation and interaction. There are many ways to help your guinea pigs be happier, but doing something as simple as changing the position and direction of the hideouts can help. You don’t really have to dramatically rearrange their whole cage every time, but moving the Queen’s Castle just 6 inches or tilting it 90 degrees can increase the quality of life for your guinea pigs.

Make your guinea pigs happy

How to Keep Your Guinea Pigs Happy

Another important element in a piggy's life is veggie time. I think everyone should make the best out of veggie time with their piggies. Hand feeding vegetables will not only make the bonding between you and guinea pigs stronger, but it will also be an unwinding experience after a hard day at work. When you hand feed vegetables, they will do things such as try to climb on you, wheek at you, circle you, and interact with you in many ways. This simple interaction will also enrich your guinea pigs lives and keep them happy.

how to keep guinea pig's happy

Many of you all know that I constantly will go out of my way to keep my girls happy (i.e. inventing a new product, starting a business, building hydroponic grass field, etc.) but I think a lot of the guinea pig happiness come from even small conscious efforts like hand feeding and rearranging. Remember, a little love and patience goes a long way!

Do you have any suggestions on keeping your piggies happy? Please feel free to share in the comments below!

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What is the hydroponic grass field of which you mention? I would love to have a completely safe grass area for my boys. We have a LOT of wild birds, including hawks where I live so outside scares me even with a cover. Thanks

Pamela Ransom

My little pig Penny loves when bi spot clean her cage which I do every day she starts popcornin around the cage I reckon it’s the little things we do


What a great, funny, fun piggie video!! LOVE that you have the space to give your girls the run of the house! (I have a cat who absolutely ignores The Guinea Pig Boyz (2), but I don’t let them scamper about like you do. One of my pigs, Calvin, is VERY uninterested in whatever is “outside” of his enclosure. So once, Hermie, my little independent man, got out of a play pen that had been set up for them; he kept on running back over to Calvin, who was very content, it appeared, staying INSIDE, and Hermie would appear to share whatever was happening “on the outside.” Hilarious. And not so easy getting Hermie back where he belonged!!


My piggies have one solid complaint about #2 — They don’t get enough pea flakes! Seriously, it’s like a drug to them! And to only be able to give them 5 a day. Gasp! The struggle is real (for them) 😂 Thanks for all you do GuineaDad crew!


I veri likes this Guinea pigs!

Alberto Javier Carafa

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