Common guinea pig problems and the things you should keep an eye out for

Guinea Pig Care: Common Health Problems (Scurvy, Bladder Stones, & More)

It's always tough watching your guinea pigs struggle with health issues, but as an owner it is important to properly treat their illnesses as well as actively trying to prevent them. Here is a quick guide on some guinea pig common health problems and how you can spot and treat them!

Learn about scurvy in guinea pigs, bladder stones, and other common health problems.

Respiratory Infection

Guinea pigs are always inhaling small particles in the air, which causes them to develop infections in their respiratory systems. Switching to our GuineaDad’s guinea pig cage liners will reduce the chances or respiratory infections.

Scurvy in Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs need to intake 10mg of Vitamin C each day since they don’t produce their own, just like us. Any extra Vitamin C that they eat will be excreted out. Scurvy develops in guinea pigs if they don’t get enough Vitamin C.


Since guinea pigs have thick fur and can’t produce sweat, you should always make sure they are kept out of direct sunlight and to keep them cool. Give them plenty of shade and ventilation. They should be kept in 65 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Urinary Tract & Guinea Pig Bladder Stones

Once in awhile you should check on your guinea pig to feel for any bladder stones. You can also check up on their liner or bedding while cleaning it. Provide low-calcium vegetables if you are seeing too much white, powdery deposits. If there are any signs of blood, you should check up on the piggy immediately.


When guinea pigs have diarrhea, it’s usually caused by a change in their diet, or eating something they shouldn’t be. Avoid feeding them human foods, and always look up if they can eat something before feeding it to them.


There are a variety of fungal problems that may affect your guinea pig, but remember that it can also be passed along to humans. Remember to always wash your hands after handling them. If you suspect your guinea pig of having a fungal problem, don’t worry – it’s usually treatable.
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