Setting Up Floor Time with your Guinea Pigs!

Setting Up Floor Time with your Guinea Pig

Floor time is very important to a guinea pig’s health. Many piggy parents have asked me through DMs many questions about guinea pig’s having floor time. The truth is, it’s a lot more important than you think. Imagine being in a closed space for a long period of time. This can be very detrimental to your guinea pig’s health for many reasons.

Floor Time with Guinea Pigs

Floor time is great for your guinea pig’s physical and mental health. I allow Tofu and Dumpling to free roam between two rooms. I do this so they can feel more free throughout the day, and exercise while they are doing so. Many piggy parents have also asked me, “how do you let them free roam without them having accidents (pee or poop)?” Well, the answer depends on how you set up their floor time or free roaming areas.

A Guide to Guinea Pig Floor Time

It’s important to set up their free roaming or floor time properly before letting them out to play. I would suggest first giving them a wide, but secure place for them to play in. Within that area, make sure that furniture is removed or pushed tightly against the wall so that there are no dark or narrow places that they mistake as “safe areas”. Safe areas are places where they will eat, sleep, and of course poop. Within that area, intentionally create two safe areas for them, preferably far apart, to encourage exercise within their floor time. Those safe areas, whether it be their favorite hidey, cage, or underneath a table should have GuineaDad Liners and GuineaDad Hay in place. 

3 Tips for Guinea Pig Floor Time

Once you set up their floor time with this organization in mind, it should be fun and comfortable for your piggies to play in and also easier for you to clean up as well!


  • Jenifer

    This comment is for Maddie. I have a guinea pig who loves to be held. Hangs out with me on a towel on the couch. Guinea pigs poop non stop. When I pick her up just put a towel under her.

  • Tammie

    I have two male Guinea pigs who were separated but still get floor time but with a diving fence. Play time is not as easy as it once was before they were separated from
    Fighting. Have you ever had that experience with male pigs or any of your pigs that they didn’t get along well?

  • Lynne Richner

    I love your page. I am going to buy two after the winter. Can’t wait. Only ordering through you.

  • Linda

    I have hard wood floors, what do you recommend to put down in a room for them to run on

  • Maddie

    umm is it just me or do all guinea pigs not like to be held and also poop a lot please answer Guineadad I’m a huge fan

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