4 Fun Activities for Guinea Pigs

4 Fun Activities for Your Guinea Pigs. In this blog we talk about safe ways to handle guinea pigs while you play with them.

How about sprucing up your guinea pig’s life with some fun to keep them entertained with little activities? Exercising regularly is not only important to our health, but it is also essential for our pet’s health. Guinea pigs are prone to boredom and without exercise, they can grow to be timid, shy, and vulnerable to obesity and various diseases. In addition, Angela Stringfellow from Safe Sound Pet points out that your guinea pig will appreciate the chance to bond with you in the process. Create different activities to keep your little bundle of joy healthy and spirited. 

4 fun activities for guinea pigs

Before you play

Having fun is great, but there are couple precautions that I would like to mention. If you are relatively new to your guinea pig or your guinea pig hasn't displayed all six signs of affection mentioned in this article: 6 Signs Your Guinea Pig Loves You & 5 Tips to Ultimate Bonding, please read that article first.

Once you have successfully bonded with your guinea pig, remember that safety always comes first. Since guinea pigs don’t wear shoes on their feet like we do, always check around the area for sharp objects that could potentially harm your guinea pigs during playtime. Best you make sure the ground is soft and prepare to be pee proof with GuineaDad Liner. When approach your guinea pigs, remember to reach out in a gentle and non-intimidating manner.


this bog explains fun ways to help stimulate your guinea pigs mind so that they will live a happier life



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1. Obstacle Course

Fun Activities for Guinea Pigs

Just like other animals, guinea pigs enjoy stimulating activities! Set up obstacle courses with cardboard boxes or random objects from around the house. Make sure to provide them with enough space to run around and play. If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can make them a maze-like we did: DIY Cardboard Maze and Water Bottle Maze.

Guinea pigs are very smart animals and you may notice that they will learn their way around an obstacle course after a few tries. To keep them curious, you can change it up every so often so they don’t become bored!


2. Treat Hunt with Treats and Vegetables

Fun Activities for Guinea Pigs!

It's a fun exercise for your guinea pigs to try to search for hidden treats. Use small treats or cut up their favorite vegetables into bite-sized pieces and hide them around the room for them to hunt!

If you want to give them more of a challenge, you can hide the treats inside tunnels, behind other objects, or even tie them to the cage! If they are having trouble finding where their favorite treat is, you can give them a little hint by leading them to it. Also, Be sure to remove all the uneaten treats once the exercise is done. You don’t want your piggies to find a moldy surprise later.


3. Chase

Fun Activities for Guinea Pigs

Try this chase game with your furry one! Tie a small treat or a toy that your guinea pig loves to piece of string and drag across the floor for them to chase. Make sure you are moving a bit faster than your guinea pig so they can chase after it. This activity is a good way to keep your guinea pig exercising and alert! If you try this out, be extra cautious as to not let your guinea pig get caught in the string or swallow small parts. Never leave the string around them unsupervised.


4. Toy Balls

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The last activity you can try with your piggy is by giving them a toy ball. Keep in mind, all piggies are unique in their own way. Some may love playing with toys while others don’t. You really just have to see what your piggy likes the best by experimenting with different toys and activities.

Some options for toy balls can be puzzle balls, hay balls, and crumpled up paper balls. Puzzle balls are toys that you can insert small pieces of treats inside so that your guinea pig is enticed to knock the food out.

Hay balls are made of hay so that they can nibble and trim their teeth on it. Crumpled paper balls are supposed to stimulate your guinea pigs because of the crinkling sound that it makes. Whichever toy they decide to like, this is a good way to give your piggy something to do when they’re bored.


Boost their Interest

If your guinea pigs don’t show interest in any of these activities, don’t give up just yet! Try to entice the guinea pigs with their favorite treats and vegetables such as pea flake, cucumbers or carrots. You hide some of their favorite treats inside the obstacles and see if they will come out to play.

Something that we even tried doing was to build them a garden for to leisurely munch and rest on. You can see our other blog post to see how our guinea pigs reacted to the hydroponic garden we made for them to help entertain them.

The attention we give our guinea pig is very important in order to keep them healthy and happy. These fun activities will not only be fun for the guinea pigs, but in a way you will be able to create a stronger bond with them. We hope these activity ideas will bring some joy into your home!

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how to entertain and stimulate your guinea pigs
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    You have such great ideas!

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