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Wheeking: The Adorable Language of Guinea Pigs

Hey there, GuineaGang! Check out this video for a quick and fun summary!   In this blog, we will be talking about gu...
Wheeking: the adorable Language of Guinea Pigs

Hey there, GuineaGang!

Check out this video for a quick and fun summary!


In this blog, we will be talking about guinea pig’s wheeking, which is characterized by a high pitch, squeaky sound that can startle many new guinea pig parents. Wheeking is a unique vocalization that guinea pigs make to communicate and express their enthusiasm. Let’s explore the various reasons behind wheeking!

Expressing Desires and Needs

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Wheeking serves as a form of communication through which guinea pigs express their desires and needs. When guinea pigs hear you open the fridge door, chopping salad, or even when you shake a GuineaDad Treat cup, they will wheek as if to say, "Give me that food, or Else!" 

Excitement and Happiness

Wheeking can also be a sign of excitement and happiness during social interactions with their human caregivers. Guinea pigs are sociable creatures and very much enjoy spending time with their human parents once they adapt to their new surroundings. You may hear them wheel when you come back from school or work, when they hear your footsteps approaching for playtime! The sound is typically infectious and other piggies may follow suit. When you hear your guinea pigs wheel in this instance, it is their way of saying, "I love you! Play with me! I am happy to be with you!"

Curiosity and Exploration


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Exploration and novelty can also trigger wheeking in guinea pigs. Just like other intelligent beings, guinea pigs get curious about new things and wheeking becomes a way for them to express their eagerness to investigate. It could be a brand new toy like GuineaDad Wooden Castle, a rearranged cage setup, or even a fresh bag of GuineaDad Hay Bar! 

Communication between Guinea Pigs


Wheeking is not only directed towards humans but can also be a means of communication among guinea pigs. They could wheel to express their presence and establish territory as to say “this is my space!" It could also serve as a way to grab attention to something new. 

So, the next time you hear your guinea pig's adorable wheeking, remember that they're using this sweet language to convey their excitement, hunger, or desire for companionship. Understanding wheeking and its different contexts can deepen your connection with piggies and strengthen the bond. Wheeking is one of many ways that guinea pigs communicate. As a responsible guinea pig parents it is crucial for us to closely observe and understand the intention behind various guinea pig behavior. 

GuineaDad Treat cup

And if you want to hear even more wheeks from your furry friends, consider treating them with GuineaDad Treat Cups. Our GuineaDad Treat contains no additives or preservatives for guinea pigs. If you're not sure which treat your guinea pig might like, find out your guinea pig's taste first with the GuineaDad Treat Sampler (6 Flavors).They're sure to get their wheeking chorus going! Thanks for reading and see in the next blog!

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