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Guinea pig parents all across the world know they can come to GuineaDad for high quality guinea pig bedding, liners, treats, toys, and more that their little piggies will love! We’re on a mission to give guinea pig parents everything they need to help their piggies live the healthiest, happiest, and fullest lives possible by making the kinds of products we’d want to see on the market ourselves. All GuineaDad products have been designed with the health and happiness of your little fur babies in mind, and everything in the GuineaDad collection are products we use at home with our very own three guinea pigs – Tofu, Peanut, and Dumpling!

In fact, it was our own struggles finding satisfactory guinea pig bedding, fleece liners, hideys, healthy food and treats that inspired us to create everything GuineaDad currently carries. You see, after our poor sweet girl Tofu got bacterial conjunctivitis, we discovered the sad truth about most products for small animals available on the market: they were all sub-par. We realized there was a gaping hole in the market for first-rate, all-natural guinea pig products, so GuineaDad was born. From then on, we vowed to dedicate our time to creating high-quality products designed especially for guinea pigs to ensure their wellbeing for years to come! That means you can trust that all GuineaDad products will enrich the lives of your beloved piggies!

All GuineaDad products are created using the highest quality, natural products for our small animal friends and were designed with the help of industry-specific experts. Whether you are shopping for healthy food or treats or looking for a new fleece liner for your guinea pig, we have it all.

Our Nourish Series hay was not only formulated with the exact nutritional profile guinea pigs physically need but was also created specifically, holistically, and scientifically. Looking for the best results, it took us several years to develop the GuineaDad Nourish Series, but we didn’t stop until we had the freshest, highest quality, and most delicious hay for guinea pigs available anywhere. Hay wasn’t our only focus. We then created comparable guinea pig treats and herbal supplements with the same level of care and attention.

Once more, our creations didn’t just stop there. Guinea pigs can still get spooked even in the domestic bliss you provide them with, so they need a place to call home. To provide the with that comfort and increase their guinea pig toy stashing option, we also made two excellent hideys – the Crunchy Condo and Queen’s Castle. Both are safe for your piggies to gnaw on so they can keep their teeth at a healthy length, while also providing them with a space to play and make their own. Your guinea pigs come first, so don’t forget that we can customize the Queen’s Castle hidey with an image of your guinea pig, so they can truly feel like royalty. And don’t forget about our comfy guinea pig bedding and liners as well, which come in a variety of sizes so your piggies can feel like they’re walking on clouds in their royal quarters wherever they go!

To show off your love of guinea pigs to the world, the GuineaDad collection also includes a variety of enamel pins, waterproof vinyl stickers, and T-shirts! Be proud to promote the GuineaDad brand because you know whatever you order from us will be top-of-the-line, best-in-business guinea pig products around. Shop today and see for yourself!