Ever wonder what exactly should I get before getting a guinea pig? We list a few of guinea pig cage essentials

Guinea Pig Essentials: What Do Guinea Pigs Need In Their Cage? Pt. 2

(Updated 2023.07.19)

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Since part 1 of our Guinea Pig Cage Essentials gave you the fundamentals for what to include in your guinea pigs’ cages, Part Two is here to offer some tips for improving quality-of-life, both for your piggies and for you.

#1 Pee pads! They’re a staple for a reason, everybody. Pee pads are an exceptionally useful way to deal with most guinea pig-related messes. As anyone who’s spent more than a few minutes with a guinea pig will be able to attest, an animal that is constantly eating is going to produce a large amount of waste. The pee and poo situation can quickly get out of control if left unattended, so it’s vital to have a reliable cleanup protocol in place. This is where your pile of piggy pee pads comes into play. 

These piggy restrooms are easy to pick up and place right where you need them, so lay them down at all of your piggies’ favorite hangouts. This will help you target the areas that will need the most cleaning. Then, whenever one gets soiled, it’s easy to swap a pad out and replace it with a clean one. This will save you from needing to constantly wash all your piggies’ liners and bedding anytime there’s a mess. It will also really help you keep your home from smelling like a zoo.

Not convinced yet? Then allow me to keep singing their praises! Pee pads will also protect your floors from messy eaters and leaky water bottles! Try putting these pads under food bowls, drinking stations, piggy beds, their favorite hideys and pockets, and anywhere else your pet is likely to spend some time. They’ll add extra padding that your piggy will love, while catching messes before they soak through to additional layers of bedding or other underneath surfaces. Guinea pigs are adorable pets, and well-worth any mess, but you don’t need to sacrifice your home and any future dinner parties. Get a good supply of pee pads and you can have it all.

Guinea pig standing on premium fleece liner soft material

Pellets are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that guinea pigs need. They provide a balanced diet when fresh vegetables aren't available daily. Making sure you always have pellets accessible to your piggies will help them stay nourished and energetic.

Guinea pig pellets for food

Don't forget to treat your furry friend occasionally with some special guinea pig Pea Flake treats. These healthy treats help to build trust and a stronger bond between you and your pet, and they’ll provide you both with lots of joyful moments. 

Pea flakes are a delicious and healthy treat for all guinea pigs

Lastly, let’s talk about:
Tunnels! Tunnels add an extra element of exercise and fun to your pet’s day. Guinea pigs love darting in and out of tunnels. Hideys and Tunnels often resemble the burrows that your guinea pig’s ancestors lived in in the wild, and probably due to this, there is an innate love for them in the hearts of all guinea pigs. Why do they get such a kick out of darting in and out of them constantly? Maybe it feels like they’re greeting the day anew each time they do. Maybe hide-and-seek and peek-a-boo are just universally loved games. Who’s to say? What’s certain though, is that putting tunnels in your guinea pigs’ play area will encourage a playful and adventurous spirit, and help keep your piggies fit and spry. It’s also very cute and entertaining to watch. Truly a win-win. 

GuineaDad’s Piggy Play Package is an ideal accessory to piggy playtime.

The set comes with a plush cushion for lounging, a soft pouch that makes a terrific hidey wherever you and your piggy go, and a perfect tunnel to promote the zoomies and many rounds of peek-a-boo. The tunnel holds its shape incredibly well without the use of any hard metal or plastic pieces in the frame. These soft, durable, and lightweight pieces are great for playtime, naps, and traveling with your pets. The entire set is made of soft, plush materials that are comfortable, machine-washable, and best of all - breathable! Guinea pig safety and well-being are our top priorities at GuineaDad, and it gives us great peace of mind to know that our piggies’ favorite toys are also their safest.

Incorporating these items will go a long way in creating a comfortable and enriching home for your guinea pig. Leave us a comment to let us know how your piggies like them!

- That was our educational series on "Guinea Pig Essentials: What Do Guinea Pigs Need In Their Cage? pt.2."

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The Guinea Dad tunnels that the liners come in, are they ok for the piggies use? Ours have chewed on it and we are not sure if that’s ok or not.

Can you help us understand if the cardboard tunnel is ok for piggies to chew up and have cardboard in the cage with them.


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