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Why Does My Guinea Pig Stare at Me?

Do you ever wonder why your guinea pig stares at you randomly? There are multiple reasons why your guinea pig does th...
Why Does My Guinea Pig Stare?

Guinea pigs are very interesting and intelligent pets to have. Sometimes they react in ways where we wonder why? Sometimes I get asked, “Why do my guinea pigs stare so much”? Well, it depends on the situation, but let’s talk about it.

If you watched my recent vlog, you may begin to notice all the times where Tofu stares at me or at the camera. If you know your guinea pig pretty well, it can be easy to determine why your guinea pig may be staring at you so much. In my case, I know that Tofu and Dumpling are very observant. They like to watch me as I clean their guinea pig cage, or as I’m doing random chores in the house. Sometimes, like I mention in the beginning of my vlog, they will stare at me when they want more veggies or treats

guinea pig staring

However, there can be multiple reasons depending on the situation. Sometimes guinea pigs may be staring at you, but they honestly might just be sleeping! Guinea pigs are prey animal, and that means its their natural instinct to be aware at all times, and yes, even when they’re sleeping. If you’re more interested in learning about the ways they sleep you can read our blog Are Guinea Pigs Nocturnal?

guinea pigs sleep with eyes open

Other reasons can be less obvious if not attentive to your guinea pig’s environment. Sometimes they may be staring at you because they are bored. Guinea pigs will stare off into space when they have nothing to do, this is why enrichment and stimulation is so important. Offering them toys like GuineaDad Crunchy Condos or Queen’s Castle let’s them feel safe while chewing on their hidey at the same time.  It gives them something to do, and they feel like they’re working on something! Floor time is also an essential activity to keep in mind. Offer them a safe space for them to roam for 30 minutes to an hour a day, this stimulates their mind and is fun for them!

Why does my guinea pig stare?

Last but not least, guinea pigs can be staring for more negative situations. Sometimes guinea pigs will stare when they are scared. Often like the saying “a deer in headlights” , animals will stare because they are struck with fear. Guinea pigs are very cautious creatures as it is, so they will get startled by sudden movements or sounds. Another reason your guinea pig can be staring is because they are depressed. When guinea pigs lose a cage mate, they can mourn by staring off into space or chirping to express their sadness. Either way, always make sure to give your guinea pig lots of attention during this time. 

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